Schedule Spring 2022

Meetings are scheduled on Mondays at noon US eastern time, unless otherwise noted. The Zoom address will be made available to participants ahead of each meeting.

February 7th: Ebad Ebadi (GWU), “Adapting to Sanctions: Evidence from Firm Response and Market Reallocation in Iran.
Moderator: Oriana Montti (Brandeis).

February 14th: Cynthia Couette (Université Laval), “Intellectual Property, Public Health and the Influence of Experts.
Moderator: Elizabeth Meehan (GWU).

February 21st: Harry Oppenheimer (Harvard), “Does Data Follow the Flag?
Moderator: Felipe Balcazar (NYU).

February 28th : Elisa Navarra (Université libre de Bruxelles - ECARES), “Spillover effects of subsidies on downstream trade.
Moderator: Lauren Konken (Princeton).

March 7th: Bjoern Brey (Universite Libre Bruxelles - ECARES), “The consequences of a trade collapse: Economics and politics in Weimar Germany.
Moderator: Sabreena Croteau (Chicago).

March 14th: Torsten Jaccard (Toronto), “Who Pays for Protectionism? The Welfare and Substitution Effects of Tariff Changes.
Moderator: Anthony James Calacino (Texas at Austin).

March 21st: Sojun Park (Princeton), “Reputation as a Binding Constraint: How States Navigate TRIPS Flexibilities.
Moderator: Zoe Xincheng Ge (NYU).

April 4th : Antoine Boucher (Université Paris Dauphine), “Political Cycle in World Bank’s Procurement Allocation.
Moderator: Nicola Nones (Virginia).

April 11th: Celestine Siameh (Minnesota, Twin Cities), “Brexit and Global Value Chains: Beyond the UK and the EU.
Moderator: Munzir Malik (Indian Institute of Technology).

April 18th: Zoe Ge (NYU), “Self-Defeating Treaties: Global Value Chains and the Termination of Bilateral Investment Treaties
Moderator: Frederik Heitmüller (Leiden University).

April 25th (Cancelled): Simon Happersberger (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), “The Effectiveness of Environmental Provisions and the Greening of EU Trade. A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.
Moderator: Ishana Ratan (Berkeley).

May 2nd: Nicola Nones (Virginia), “The PIIGS Acronym as Heuristic Device during the European Sovereign Bond Crisis.
Moderator: Amy Basu (Yale).

May 9th: Pengshan Pan (Pittsburgh), “Foreign Mining Investment, Labor Market and Local Distrust: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan Kumtor Gold Mine.
Moderator: Tanja Schweinberger (University of Geneva).