Schedule Spring 2024


All workshop events take place virtually on Monday, 12:00-13:00 (1:00 pm) Eastern Time (UTC−05:00).

Links to workshop papers will be active as events draw closer here.

Upcoming Workshops

February 26: Nicolas Wesseler (UBC Sauder School of Business), “The Ties that Bind: Bilateral Gains from Trade and Interstate Conflicts”
Moderator: Seung-Uk Huh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

March 4: Seung-Uk Huh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), “Failed Coup Attempts and Fading Foreign Direct Investment in the Extractive Sector”
Moderator: Yue Lin (University of California, Berkeley)

March 11: Yujin Zhang (Columbia University), “Openness and Prosperity: The Rise and Fall of Globalization and Mass Preferences for Free Trade”
Moderator: Kirthana Ganeson (World Trade Institute)

March 18: Melle Scholten (University of Virginia), “Investing in Voice: Remittances and Varieties of Political Participation”
Moderator: Søren Frank Etzerodt (Technical University of Munich)

March 25: Alexander Yarkin (Brown University and LISER), “Lobbying for Industrialization: Theory and Evidence”
Moderator: Sujin Cha (University of Michigan)

April 1: Natalie Romeri-Grass (Ohio State University), “From Fighters to Farmers in My Backyard? Social and Economic Cohesion Among Unlikely Neighbors in the Hardest of Contexts”
Moderator: Melle Scholten (University of Virginia)

April 8: Harshal Zalke (Princeton University), “Investments in the Shadow of Conflict”
Moderator: Nicola Nones (University of Toronto)

April 15: Sujin Cha (University of Michigan), “Political Motives in Subsidy Distribution: A Firm-Level Analysis of US Industrial Policy from 1966 to 2023”
Moderator: Harshal Zalke (Princeton University)

April 22: Søren Frank Etzerodt (Technical University of Munich), “The Political Shadows of Industrial Job Displacements: How to Compensate Losers from a Major Plant Closure”
Moderator: Elisa Navarra (Universite libre de Bruxelles)

April 29: Kirthana Ganeson (World Trade Institute), “Accessing Markets or Exporting Norms: The Determinants of Democratic Provisions in EU Trade Agreements”
Moderator: Yujin Zhang (Columbia University)

May 6: Marnie Ginis (Columbia University), “Strategic Adoption of Production Technology”
Moderator: Shiyang Wu (University of California Santa Barbara)

Previous Workshops

February 12: Shiyang Wu (University of California Santa Barbara), “Strategized Exit: Sunset Clauses and Unilateral Terminations of Bilateral Investment Treaties”
Moderator: Marnie Ginis (Columbia University)

February 19: Ishana Ratan (University of California, Berkeley), “Does Manufacturing Matter? Forward Linkages and Downstream Growth in the Malaysian Solar Industry”
Moderator: Christian Elliott (Brown University)