Schedule Fall 2023

All workshop events take place virtually on Thursday, 12:00-13:00 (1:00 pm) Eastern Time (UTC−05:00).

Full Schedule

September 14 “The Politics of Compulsory Licensing: Democracy and Regulatory Threat in Public Health” Sojun Park (Princeton University).
Moderator: Hao Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

September 21 “Commerce, Coalitions, and Global Value Chains: Coordinated and Collective Lobbying on Trade” Hao Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Moderator: Sojun Park (Princeton University)

September 28 “Learning about Trade” Hongyi She (University of Rochester)
Moderator: Jing Qian (Princeton University)

October 5 “Extractive “Protectionism”? The Conditional Effect of Natural Resource Dependence on Protected Area Designation” Austin Beacham (University of California, San Diego)
Moderator: Valentina Gonzalez Rostani (University of Pittsburgh)

October 12 “The Path from Automation to Populist Political Behavior” Valentina Gonzalez Rostani (University of Pittsburgh). Manuscript.
Moderator: Elisa Navarra (Université de Bruxelles)

October 19 “Treaty Shopping, Race to the Bottom, and Treaty Cascades” Jing Qian (Princeton University)
Moderator: Austin Beacham (University of California, San Diego)

October 26 “Dynamics of Varieties in the US: Evidence from Trademarks” Giulia Lo Forte (University of British Columbia)
Moderator: Oriana Montti (Brandeis University)

November 2 “Effects of Trade Barriers on FDI: Evidence from Chinese Solar Panels” Oriana Montti (Brandeis University)
Moderator: Giulia Lo Forte (University of British Columbia)

November 9 “Trade, Labor Unions and Populism: Do Weak Unions Explain the Rise of Far-right Nationalism in Response to Trade Shocks?” Carlos Felipe Balcazar (Yale University)
Moderator: Seung-Uk Huh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

November 16 “Refugee Reception Policy and Nation Building” Federica lo Polito (Toulouse School of Economics)
Moderator: Yujin Zhang (Columbia University)

November 23 “Preferential Trade Agreements and Leaders’ Business Experience” Nicola Nones (University of Toronto)
Moderator: Isabella Bellezza-Smull (Brown University)

November 30 “Normative Preferences and Support for International Economic Dispute Settlement” Seung-Uk Huh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Moderator: Nicola Nones (University of Toronto)

December 7 “Have your Cake and Eat it Too: Impatient Chinese State Capital in the Global South” Keyi Tang (Boston University)
Moderator: James Sundquist (Yale University)

December 14: “Regulation Goods Beyond the Borderline: Effects of Trusted Trader Agreements on Bilateral Trade Flows” Isabella Belleza (Brown University)
Moderator: Zarlasht Muhammad Razeq (McGill University)