Schedule Spring 2023

All workshop events take place virtually on Mondays, 12:00-13:00 (1:00 pm) Eastern Time (UTC−05:00).

February 13: Michael Allen (Yale University), “Unbundling the State: Legal Development in an Era of Global, Private Governance”
Moderator: Zoe Ge (New York University)

February 20: Sojun Park (Princeton University), “Innovation, Imitation, and Political Cleavages in International Trade and Patent Protection”
Moderator: Cansu Isler (Brandeis International Business School)

February 27: Alessandro Pizzigolotto (Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)), “Credit Shocks and Populism”
Moderator: Ilaria Natali (Tolouse School of Economics)

March 6: Nihan Nur Akhan (European University Institute), “Patent Ownership, Trade and Lobbying”
Moderator: Sojun Park (Princeton University)

March 13: Flavia Cifarelli (University of Geneva), “Under the Spotlight: CSR Choices and Fragile Supply Chains”
Moderator: Felipe Balcazar (New York University)

March 27: Justin Melnick (New York University), “Why Exit from International Agreements? A Domestic Perspective”
Moderator: Elisa Navarra (Université de Bruxelles)

April 3: Rachel Hulvey (University of Pennsylvania), “Uniting or Polarizing the Nations? A Signaling Theory of Attraction to China’s Vision of Order”
Moderator: Sanghyun Han (Georgia Institute of Technology)

April 11 (Tuesday): Lucie Lu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), “Strategic Shaming: Evidence from China Shaping International Human Rights Regime”
Moderator: Hao Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

April 17: Ye June Jung (University of California, San Diego), “When Essential Elements become less Essential in EU Trade: The Lisbon Treaty and Changes in Institutional Power and Interests”
Moderator: Lucie Lu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

April 24: Enrico Cavallotti (Trinity College Dublin), “Green Collars at the Polling Booth: the Occupational Dimension of Green Voting (joint with Italo Colantone, Piero Stanig, Francesco Vona)”
Moderator: Rachel Hulvey (University of Pennsylvania)

May 1: Si Cheng (ESSEC Business School), “Policing the World? Effect of U.S. Anti-Corruption Enforcement Actions on Non-Targeted Firms”
Moderator: Michael Allen (Yale University)

May 8: Nicola Nones (University of Virginia), “The PIIGS Acronym as a Heuristic Device during the European Sovereign Bond Crisis”
Moderator: So Jeong Noh (New York University)

May 15: Melisa Perut (University of California, Irvine), “Green Government Procurements Through the Lens of Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental Performance”
Moderator: RyuGyung (Rio) Park (University of California, Davis)