Graduate Students in International Political Economy (GSIPE) Workshop

The Graduate Student International Political Economy Workshop (GSIPE) is a virtual, interdisciplinary, graduate-student-run workshop. We aim to provide a venue for graduate students (including pre-docs and post-docs) to present works-in-progress and solicit feedback from their peers and faculty.

We invite graduate students and faculty from Political Science and Economics with an interest in International Political Economy (broadly defined) to participate, and to sign up for our mailing list. We welcome papers in all stages of progress and job market papers.


Workshop format:

Participants are expected to read the papers before the workshop. Papers will be posted here and circulated along with the link to the Zoom meeting via our mailing list (subscribe here).

Job Market Talks:

Political science: 40 min. presentation, 20 min. substantive questions, & 10 min. stylistic comments.

Economics: 1 hr. presentation (including Q&A), & 10 min. stylistic comments.

Regular Talks:

Political science: 20 minutes presentation, 40 min. Q&A.

Economics: 45 min. presentation, 15 min. Q&A.

The workshop is committed to promoting the work and voices of Black, Indigenous, POC, and women scholars.

Subscribe to GSIPE by joining our Google Group.